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Full property management

FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (In addition to the letting only service)

Our fee for this service is charged at 12.5% of the monthly rent, deducted on a monthly basis. (Negotiable under certain circumstances, please enquire) Please note we do not charge VAT.

  • Arrange for any property maintenance and repairs as per your instructions.
  • Arrange payment of rent to landlord by cash/cheque or paid to nominated account.
  • Carry out quarterly property inspections and report any findings to the Landlord.
  • Liase between Landlord, Tenant and any necessary maintenance companies.
  • Supervise that the Tenant(s) complies with the Terms of the Tenancy Agreement signed.
  • Review Rental values and administrate renewal of tenancies.
  • Arrange for checkout of the Tenant at the end of the tenancy.

N.B Due to the large amount of properties operating under full management, we are able to take advantage of most property maintenance works at competitive prices by local approved businesses.